If you’re seeking new and impressive ways to promote your brand, try printing with our eye-catching floor decals! You can target customers on all grounds with our versatile floor graphics printed on either Heavy Duty – Asphalt Art material, or Lightweight – TexWalk fabric.

They will stick to almost any surface without leaving any residue from the adhesive – no hassle! Its structured matte finish gives your visuals a textured and attractive look that will appear inviting to passersby and draw wanted attention. Stick these decals onto: carpet, tile, concrete, wooden and PVC floors, and untreated stone.

Floor signs can be printed on one side only, with an adhesive for sticking on the back. You can print your decals in various shapes and thickness’ to suit your individual needs. CONTACT US 801.571.0446 for a quote.

Material Types

Printed On:
Coated Soft Aluminum (Polyurethane)

0.25 - 1.00 mm

Heavy Duty Slip-Resistant Rigid Surface

Outdoor/Indoor - Life span of 1-6 months

Features & Benefits:
High visual impact, suitable for rough surfaces,
PVC free, easy to apply and remove

Shop Entries & Stairways, Metro Stations, Airports, Sport Events,
Museums, Driveways, Restaurants, & Sidewalks

Printed On:
Fabric With Textured Matte Vinyl Coating

0.25 - 1.00 mm

Lightweight Slip-Resistant Soft Rigid Surface

Indoor - Life span of 1-2 months

Features & Benefits:
Structured matte finish, No adhesive residue,
Sticks on almost any surface, easy to apply and remove

Carpet, Tiles, Wood, PVC Floor, Untreated Stone,
Tradeshows, Promotional Displays, Events

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Rounded Square
  • Circle
  • Half-Circle
  • Octagon
  • Arrow
  • Star
  • House
  • Apartment
  • Slip Resistant (R12 / BS7976)
  • Flame Resistant (M1/ F3)